Steven Lyle Jordan

Author, Futurist, Science Fiction Aficionado

About Steven

Author, futurist and environmentalist Steven Lyle Jordan.

From the author:

I write under the name of Steven Lyle Jordan because it’s easier than making up a new one.  I have passionate interests in humanity, technology, the environment and the future; my favorite subject is the impact science and technology has on individuals and societies.

Science fiction is my favorite kind of storytelling: It combines my interests in science and speculation with epic and exciting stories.  It entertains while making you think about what the future holds.  I’ve written 15 science fiction novels myself, though promotion proved to be beyond my resources, and I no longer try to sell them to the public.  But I still like to talk about SF.  A lot.

These days I like to torture myself by following news of science and technology that I’d love to see have a positive impact on the world’s future, and reminding people how long some of these “newfangled” ideas have actually been around.  (Meet me on Facebook or Twitter.)

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