…is a science nerd, futurist, science fiction aficionado and advocate of technology, environmentalism and social reform.  I’ve authored 17 novels, mostly science fiction, many available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  If I ever figure out how to sell them effectively, I may even write more.

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Day-job-wise, I am a web developer, applying my skills in web design and production, writing and computer graphics to maintaining and supporting websites for corporations, associations and government sites. (And always looking for new full-time and freelance opportunities… look me up.)

I live in Germantown, Md, a suburb of Washington, D.C.  I love to examine and comment on my blog on issues of science, technology and the serious science fiction that most other people don’t talk about, because I hope beyond all reason to help foment a greater apprecietion for science, technology and SF in our science-averse society.